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Andre Strizhak Neurologist

Andre V. Strizhak, M.D., Neurologist
Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Affiliated with NYU Langone Medical Center,
Department of Neurology

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Neurologist site overview

  This site targets all readers whether with or without medical education. Neurological condition are described in a plain language without sacrificing scientific data. Each article is designed to be short, informative, scientifically correct, and understandable for non-neurologists.
   Neurology has dramatically evolved over past quarter of a century that I have been practicing. What once had been a "precise but useless" branch of medicine became a diverse medical science with a broad range of sub-specialties. Thanks to extensive scientific research once elusive neurological disorders are now shaping up.
   People often expect some fancy testing as a part of neurological evaluation. In reality, an experienced neurologist makes the diagnosis during an interview. Neurology is a very "operator dependent" field. There is no neurological testing for migraine, cluster or tension headaches. You don't see those conditions on the MRI. For the foreseeable future, neurology will remain a "human operated" field irrelevantly of the scientific advances.

Headache Specialist

    The headache specialist part of this Web site covers almost all known types of headaches. Headaches and dizziness are presented in great detail here because they are the top two complaints in general neurology practice. Those people who suffer dizziness, know that the treatment usually starts and ends with a Meclizine prescription. Sadly, the headache treatment is commonly limited to the pain medications.
    Discrepancy between a high prevalence of headache disorders and a short supply of headaches experts leads to common mismanagement of headaches. Treatment of frequent primary headaches and secondary headaches with pain medications is similar to patching a gut shot wound with a Band-Aid. Rebound headaches often result and they are hard to manage. The major task of a headache specialist is to first identify the cause of the headache before jumping to any treatment.

Neurology field and neurological disorders

Neurologist Headache Specialist  Neurology field covers disorders of the brain, nerves and muscles. A separate entity is a range of pain syndromes that are often managed by neurologists as well. Besides headaches and other pain syndromes the most common reasons for neurological consultations are numbness, weakness, shaking, cramps, seizures, memory loss, insomnia, dizziness, lack of balance, and gait disorders. Neurologists do not perform surgical procedures. The necessity of surgical interventions in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis, tumors of the brain and spine is usually upon discretion of the neurologist. Advances in the pain management procedures changed the landscape of the pain control approach but an initial neurological consultation is always advisable for a precise diagnosis of the pain syndrome.

About the Author
    Doctor Strizhak graduated from The Russian State Medical University in 1986. Originally trained in child neurology, his primary interests were headaches and epilepsy in children. In the United States Dr. Strizhak completed training in adult neurology. Dr. Strizhak has experience in both child and adult neurology, as well as an advantage of being exposed to classical European and high-tech American medicine, which allows him to have a broad view on human health issues.
   Currently Dr. Strizhak provides neurology services for a large NYU based multi specialty group in Rego Park, Queens, NY.

NYU Langone Medical Center
at Columbus

Department of Neurology

Neurologist in Rego Park,

Queens,  NYC

Andre Strizhak
97-85 Queens Blvd
Rego Park, NY 11374
Phone: (718) 261-9100
Fax:(718) 897-2916

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